Friday , August 26 2016

The Mercedes Maybach 6 Vision is handled like a car remote


Last week we saw for the first time to view Mercedes-Maybach 6. This impressive prototype was presented at the contest of elegance of Pebble Beach in form of great coup√© and with a design of it more striking. Their intention was to collect witness that Maybach Excelero left in 2004 …

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The taxi driver is now a reality. Singapore opens its roads


Singapore is an is an of the main cities of the world and one of them centers nerve of the trade world. This small Asian State has the third largest financial centre in the world. In addition, it also has the second seaport that moves higher goods globally. This situation …

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SEAT recovers the lost job and breaks its record for production


SEAT is in luck. The Spanish brand with German capital is beating in recent years. When the economic crisis whipped the country SEAT decided to bet by expanding its range of products, carry out measures of adjustment in the structure of production and wait for the Sun to shine, as …

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Tesla Motors Announces installation of more magazines in Spain


We all know the limitations that electric cars have been current on your price and autonomy. However, for Tesla Motors seems that not are stumbling blocks insurmountable. Certain is, their models not are them more economic that can find in the market, but also is true, that no manufacturer of …

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The Opel Ampera- e final is will leave see in the Salon of Paris


With the first Opel Ampera General Motors failed in his attempt to bring to market an electric car competitive. The reasons for their failure could be summarized in the following. When it was launched to the market, the crisis was at an hot and price what little competitive. In addition, …

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