Tuesday , December 6 2016

The BMW 5 series already have prices in Spain


In mid-October last BMW made public details and a multitude of official images on the update of its medium-sized sedan, the new BMW 5 series. Among other things, laid that it marks Bavarian had introduced all it technology of which had in the new BMW series 5, by what nor …

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The Volkswagen Atlas could get also to Europe


It Volkswagen Atlas is the new SUV large of the manufacturer German. Was presented makes little and in principle only will sell in United States and Chinese. Although it seems that this seven-seater model could reach other places soon. The brand is would be to pose the possibility of bring …

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Prices and engines of the Volkswagen Golf in Germany


Already several weeks ago that the brand of the car of the people made public first update of the Volkswagen Golf. A restyling for half of its cycle of life in this seventh generation that it dota of an image outside partially renewed although without changes important, while the inside …

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F1-2016: the video game from Codemasters comes to Android


Behind were those times in which EA created this fantastic video game of simulation of Formula 1. Now the FOM to create rights Codemasters has the game and some of the first titles left much that wish, noticing an excess of precipitation and a tremendous lack of optimization, but that …

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A Alfa Romeo Giulia in bodywork family not be bad idea


The Alfa Romeo Giulia is a car that, as less, is raising expectation. Many months is made of pray, with good part of the sector and lovers of them vehicles waiting for the great bet of Alfa Romeo for the resurgence the brand and forget them last years. Alfa would …

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