Monday , February 27 2017

Alpine you will discover at the Geneva Motor Show the B5 Wagon


As we all know Alpina Burkard Bovensiepen Gmbh is a manufacturer of cars that based its operations in the models that BMW manufactures. Its resemblance and chassis are the same, but the goodies that adds them (focused on improving his sportsmanship and dynamic behaviour) are so good that it exceeds …

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BMW is also present at the MWC with its innovations in connectivity

Barcelona is the technology center of the world from today thanks to the celebration of the Mobile World Congress, in which in addition to presenting the novelties of the different brands of telephony and connectivity technology, BMW has wanted to show everything what you can offer to create the fully …

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Peugeot will be a first in Geneva and has escaped les an image


People Peugeot will go to the Geneva Auto Show and everyone will ask them and look more for the negotiations on the possible purchase of Opel to other reasons. However, in the French House don’t want to divert the target where really matters, their cars, and that they were preparing …

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The MINI electric moved to Germany because of the Brexit

The Brexit is creating many problems in the British industry, since many companies that depend on companies located outside the United Kingdom do not see with good eyes the departure from the country of the European Union and may rethink many of the investments that were going to be in …

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