Tuesday , June 28 2016

Nissan Note Black Edition, fresh air for urban Japanese


Now Nissan is living mainly from the success of SUVs such as the Qashqai and the Juke models. Neither of these need letter of presentation, just their sales data and “Cach√©” given be the introducer of the segments C-SUV and B-SUV in Europe. However, they are not its only models. …

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Get cars that lead on the ice in Fast & Furious 8


Fans of powerful cars and the action flooded, where pilots are released to live the most amazing adventures at the wheel of the most impressive cars that we can find, are in luck. We will, when it comes to fiction. Fast & Furious saga is one of the sagas more …

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This vehicle may be the car you need to be… in ads


The car you see in the ads always is the more colorful, the smartest and the brightest. And that’s normal, because it’s the car that want to buy. So they strive to give you the magic touch, making it look like the better and more attractive, which must be in …

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Begins production of the Lotus 3 – Eleven and Elise Cup 250


Lotus has announced that begins production of its two models released. The first of these is the Lotus 3 – Eleven, the model faster and more expensive brand, which was introduced at Goodwood 2015. After a year of waiting, the first unit is out of Hethel (United Kingdom) plant assembly …

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