Saturday , August 27 2016

The Lexus IS breaking the barrier of one million units sold

He model Lexus IS has culminated its third generation with the sale of a million of units, achieving set is as an of them sedans sports more interesting of the market and an of them preferred, not only in the market Asian but also in Europe, that was the place …

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The Mercedes Maybach 6 Vision is handled like a car remote


Last week we saw for the first time to view Mercedes-Maybach 6. This impressive prototype was presented at the contest of elegance of Pebble Beach in form of great coup√© and with a design of it more striking. Their intention was to collect witness that Maybach Excelero left in 2004 …

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The taxi driver is now a reality. Singapore opens its roads


Singapore is an is an of the main cities of the world and one of them centers nerve of the trade world. This small Asian State has the third largest financial centre in the world. In addition, it also has the second seaport that moves higher goods globally. This situation …

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