Monday , August 29 2016

Volkswagen will compensate to its dealers in USA by the Dieselgate


Volkswagen indemnify to their dealers in United States by them damage that the crisis of the emissions of their engines diesel them has caused. The German manufacturer already has come to a principle in accordance with dealers located on U.S. soil to compensate them for the damage that have been …

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The registrations in Europe descend a 2.3%


Registrations in Europe during the first half of the year of passenger cars and SUVs have grown to a 7.5 per cent, with respect to the year 2015. This growth has allowed that is enrolled between them months of January and June of 2016 9.25 million of units, figure superior …

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The Allroad Audi RS6 could be ready for 2017


Recreation of Audi RS6 Allroad by RM Design Ago now time is spoke of the possible arrival of the Audi RS6 Allroad to the market. Currently the brand of the four rings has to the Audi RS6 Avant, a monstrous family that combines space and power. Therefore the arrival of …

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