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10 electric Mercedes cars ahead: will arrive in 2022

Mercedes Generation EQ

Can expect us a genuine revolution in terms of mobility is concerned. Everything will change, in the long term, with electric vehicles and also driving automation. For fully autonomous driving are many years of development and testing, but electric cars every day, and little by little, will become more frequent. Mercedes aimed to launch 10 new models of electric by 2025, but it seems that this project will come.

Star German firm has revised their plans and, seeing that they could reach the goal in less time than expected, have decided to bring forward the date limit; specifically 3 years. In this way, everything seems to indicate that the “EV” range of 10 models will be available in the year 2022. Manufacturers want to reduce emissions (are “required”) at all costs and stay ahead of the future, so that diesel cars will be the worse off in this regard.

Mercedes Generation EQ

We do not want to say that diesel-powered propellers will disappear from one moment to another, there will be a transition period, but gradually they will be reducing its offer and launching plug-in hybrids (plug-in). Surprisingly, engines operating with diesel will be reduced starting with the urban, the smaller vehicles. Each day there are fewer models segment using propellers diesel and the trend will be that of the B-segment will follow the same line.

As well has recently declared Dieter Zetsche, boss at Daimler, “it is necessary to do a thing without stopping the other“, referring precisely to this transition, “why we are strengthening both the new as the old“. Even if it hurts us, the future is unclear and ever will see more electrical systems-powered vehicles on our streets and highways. Little by little the research and developments will allow greater autonomy and, hopefully, shorter recharge times.

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