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15 years in prison for a driver who intentionally shot two bikers

Accidente intencionado a motoristas

A couple of years ago one video, like many others, became viral. The case is that, if you’re a fan of cars, motorbikes and road, it is very likely will remain engraved and immediately after you press play on the video that we leave a little further down you remember it perfectly. Two motorbikes going by a road in Texas, records that circulates behind, advances in continuous double line and a car that went beyond gives a deliberate volantazo.

The bike that goes ahead in travel conductor and a passenger, his girlfriend. Before the abrupt change of direction by the driver of the car, the bike loses stability and driver and passenger end up in tatters, several tens of meters by dragging on the asphalt. The driver of the car (of 69 years of age) stops a few meters ahead, where to go biker who recorded the scene. He repeats “I don’t care”.

Surely now yes cares that reckless act that could have cost the lives these motorists. This man has been in prison since the same year 2015, when occurred the deliberate crash, although we now know that the prison sentence is 15 years. Probably all that time I have time to think about what he did… The cold-blooded thing to have to do something like this puts the willies. Doyou would do the same if it were a truck?

The case is as motorists, both the rugged motorcycle driver and which recorded the scene, they also violate the rules of circulation to be overtaking prohibited. While it is true that there seems to be a good visibility in that stretch, they make rather little case to the double solid line. Bad behavior by motorists, but the old man is practically an assassination attempt.

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