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2,000 HP and 350 km/h for this hotel Toyota Land Cruiser

Toyota Land Speed Cruiser SEMA 2016

When we hear talk about the Toyota Land Cruiser model most of us we think immediately of terms like robustness, reliability, great offroad skills, effective cars in mud and stones, large cockpit or force. However, since there are the external trainers and events such as the SEMA Show Las Vegas 2016, everything can change.

This Toyota Land Cruiser has been renamed as Toyota Land Speed Cruiser. To the naked eye is readily appreciates that this is not an ordinary road. Your body is located practically touching the soil, while them wheels almost hide their part upper in them steps of wheel. Mirrors disappear and, through the windows, you can see a roll cage and a seat out of the world of racing.

The protagonist, the word Speed, not could come better. According to Toyota, and the video itself that we have just above, this Toyota Land Cruiser Speed it can roll to 220 mph, or what is the same, 350 km/h. This maximum speed leaves “ridiculous” Bentley Bentayga and its 300 km/h, which they say is the SUV the world’s fastest. In fact, of the Bentley SUV has much merit, since it is a completely standard car and this Toyota Land Cruiser Speed takes quite a few hours of modifications.

To overcome the 350 km/h this peculiar Toyota Land Cruiser, which makes appearance at the SEMA Show, boasts a V8 engine of 5,700 cc yielding a few impressive 2,000 HP maximum power. To achieve this figure of power, the V8 gets supercharging by means of a huge turbo Garret; Depending on the brand, from the size of a volleyball. Reach those 350 km/h were not possible if Toyota had not worked on the aerodynamics of this Land Speed Cruiser so very fast. Also changed the chassis, since it would not be safe to try to reach that speed with the large power increase without strengthening it.

Toyota Land Speed Cruiser SEMA 2016

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