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81 cars seized in Dubai by illegal races could go to auction

Porsche 918 Spyder (4)
The city of Dubai, belonging to the United Arab Emirates, is one of those places where money and image is everything. In fact, to draw attention and to show the economic power of the city, the police there has a fleet of unconventional vehicles.

Yesterday we talked about would be like the aesthetics of a possible police Bugatti Chiron. Seeing the car fleet current patrol which found from Ford Mustang until Bugatti Veyron, Lamborghini Aventador or Porsche 918 Spyder, would not surprise us nothing to reach the new French hiperdeportivo of Bugatti.

The case is that, just as police has very high performance vehicles, many citizens (or residents) of Dubai, also afford vehicles of this type, they are priced at six or more digits.

Dubai, supercoches policia (7)

Now comes the news that a few days ago there was an illegal career crowded with luxury vehicles and a high number of participants, mainly rather young drivers. According to tell the authorities of the city through the social networking site Facebook, no less than 81 high range cars were requisitioned by reckless driving and to hunt them, they had to reach speeds close to 300 km/h with their police vehicles. Film.

Allegedly, some of the vehicles which were involved they did it with the lights off and had also withdrawn registration plates to camouflage themselves in the darkness of the night and avoid be identified.

To retrieve their vehicles owners must pay nearly 24,000 euros. A figure that does not seem to us very high, since for those who have more than 200,000 euros to invest in a sports car which reaches the 300 km/h, with maintenance resulting from this type of vehicles, 24,000 euros not will be very difficult to pay.

The payment of this amount shall be before the three months following the breach. Not pay within this time, the police of Dubai could auction off vehicles that still remain in the reservoir to meet the date. A sentence does not have information about which models were in this dangerous illegal race.

Dubai, supercoches policia (11)

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