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850 E63 Brabus Biturbo. You don’t want to buy new Mercedes-AMG E63

Brabus E63 850 Biturbo

Recently we have known some specifications of the Mercedes-AMG E63 which will soon be available on the market. Taking the body of the Mercedes E-class, AMG E63 includes, as usual, several cosmetic changes and a few clear dynamic improvements that raise its power above the 600 HP, 612 specifically, and torque up to 850 Nm. In addition, only it will be with integral traction, although it has a “drift mode” that turns off the front axle.

Although the Mercedes-AMG E63 is a real beast, beside this Brabus E63 850 Biturbo made from the previous generation, it is not more than a domesticated Pussycat. Yes, its 850 name corresponds to its figure of power, 850 HP sent exclusively to the rear axle. This unit is sold for 160,000 dollars (142,000 euros), and although it does not have all the new E63 technology, has nearly 250 HP more and more “wild” aesthetic.

Brabus E63 850 Biturbo

It is obligatory to talk about benefits of this unit conveniently prepared by Brabus. We started the 0 to 100 km/h, which is covered in just one, two, three… already. You only need 3.1 seconds, while the new E63 will need two tenths of a second over. On the other hand, the top speed of the Brabus E63 850 Biturbo is 350 km/h, while the standard model stays at “only” 300 km/h. This means that the jewel of Brabus is capable of measuring in a pulse with any Italian supercar.

We have to recognize it, this car is a real madness. “Meter” 850 HP and 1,450 Nm in a designed saloon originally looking for comfort and a great shoot on expressways only is in the hands of a few. Honestly, and by much madness that is, wouldn’t I see him every morning in the garage. That Yes, enjoy it also should mean installing an oil plant in the trunk.

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