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A Audi A3 coupe similar to the Mercedes-Benz Classic is planned in Ingolstadt

Audi A3 Sedán 2016

The four rings brand has been surpassed in 2016 and again by two direct rivals, Mercedes-Benz and BMW, in terms of global sales concerns. It is likely that the German firm is thinking in offering new products to approach his two compatriots. One of them, according to are running our companions of Auto Express, could be the Audi A3 Coupe, a concept similar to the of the Audi A5 although logically in smaller size.

This Audi A3 Coupe would arrive to fight directly with the Mercedes-Benz Classic, which is giving good results to the signing of the three-pointed star. It medium to which did reference says that this model should be ready for end of this decade, by what would take as basis the future Audi A3 of fourth generation. Therefore, the A3 range would be composed at least a 3-door body, the Sportback (5-door) and the Coupe.

Audi TT Sporback Concept

Audi TT Sporback Concept

We remember Ingolstadt firm it has planned a range of no less than 60 individual for the year 2020 models, making it an Audi A3 Coupe could marry perfectly in this expansion of products. However, the arrival of this new model we makes ask us if Audi also will keep the A3 Sedan between its offer of products, since their sales could verse depleted.

The differences in the front of this model coupe, if it is that finally is confirmed, it would be minimal compared to the rest of Audi A3. Obviously the side view would be very different on the range, with a soft silhouette and fall from the ceiling; far more than in the current Audi A3 Sedan. Behind also would be greatly altered with respect to siblings of range. He cockpit probably will see reduced its space for them squares rear, especially in the dimension of height, although is possible that win some centimeters in space for them legs if extends its battle.

Source – Auto Express

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