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A first image of the 720S McLaren seeps!

McLaren 720S

Much we are talking about in the last few weeks the McLaren 720S. It will be officially presented at the Geneva Motor Show and will have the difficult situation of being the successor to the McLaren 650S. The brand has been creating excitement to its around showing different teasers where appeared the fully camouflaged model in different situations. However, in the last hours has been filtered an image that leaves your body exposed, the image that accompanies this article.

While we should not know it until next Tuesday, we can already see its lines design and practically confirm some details of this “Super Series” second generation. For starters, the name McLaren 720S is already practically official, such model name will appear on the registration plate. Probably the 720S means that its engine will be able to shed 720 CV, which will be sent with great probability exclusively to the rear axle.

In this image filtered the 720S McLaren we can only see the rear profile but us is enough to verify the aerodynamic work (McLaren already said that it would duplicate the efficient aerodynamic with respect to its predecessor), the large number of inputs and outputs of air that it be channeled in to improve cooling of certain elements, the wide opening of its doors that will facilitate the entry and exit of the two occupants or the inside details on using the same color that in the body. On the back there is a marked diffuser.

Everything seems to indicate that the new supercar from Woking will stay, after the two seats, a motor 4-litre V8 biturbo. As we have quoted above, there is no official data on the performance of this drive, but it seems that it could yield 720 HP. Nor do we know the torque, but we do know that this British can move from 0 to 200 km/h in 7.8 seconds, needing only 4.6 seconds more to stop. Another curiosity is that you will have a thinner ‘control’, as we already now a month.

Source – Motor1

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