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A new Dacia Duster of up to seven seats could be in 2017

Dacia Duster Blackshadow

The arrival of Dacia to all Europe as marks of great volume is carried out at the beginning of the new century. This brand of Romanian origin was seen by all as a very economical car maker, with very low prices and also a few products that were far to fight with the generalist brands for its aesthetics as well as for its quality of finishes and equipment that could offer.

The crisis economic, next to some improvements aesthetic in the vehicles of Dacia, managed that this brand took a high importance in the “old continent” and in our country. Every time we saw more Dacia Duster, Logan, Sandero and Lodgy for us roads, reaching the Sandero placed on the podium in terms of monthly sales figures referred to on occasion. Now, the Dacia Duster needs a profound renewal and it seems that it will come with enough and important changes in 2017.

Dacia Duster Essential edición especial interior

According to is rumored by the network, the Dacia Duster could jump to another platform, the CMF (Common Module Family), that is the charge of develop models as the Renault Kadjar. This means that the future SUV of Dacia could have some dimensions greater and, therefore, not would be of wonder that its cockpit out capable of host to 7 occupants; Although nothing is confirmed by the brand.

The relay generational of the Dacia Duster has a role relatively complicated. Brand should not fall into the temptation to significantly improve this product if therefore they are also obliged to raise its sale price quite. Of this mode, Dacia must devise is them for improve your design and the perception of quality, using materials simply correct but that add a greater value to this product that so many sales is giving to Dacia and to their brand matrix, Renault.


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