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A Skoda Kodiaq SportLine will debut at the Salon in Geneva

Nuevo Skoda Kodiaq

The Skoda Kodiaq is one of them vehicles more expected of them last months, of that not there is no doubt. It marks of the Czech Republic has bet very strong with this model and the forecasts say that will be one of them cars more sold of the signature automotive belonging to the Group Volkswagen. Skoda presented it already a few weeks ago, although it is not yet available in all the official dealers.

Since its introduction many have been rumors and renders on a possible sports with higher performance variant, while the main expected virtue of the first big SUV is not philosophy focused on dynamism, but comfort and habitability. Of all modes, and more in these times in which the vehicles of this segment are in full boom, not us surprise in absolute a variant of best capabilities dynamic out of the asphalt. A clear example is the Seat Ateca Cupra, that seems will have its hollow in the range of the signature Spanish.

Nuevo Skoda Kodiaq

He half Australian Car Advice says that during the presentation of the Skoda Kodiaq a person of it marks them confirmed that in the Salon of the car of Geneva is will leave see a finished more dynamic that will respond to the name of Skoda Kodiaq SportLine, similar to them packages M of BMW or to the S-Line of Audi. He finished SportLine also is available in the Skoda Superb, incorporating a aesthetic something more sports to the outside and also in the cockpit, with details in color black and rims of greater dimensions.

It is likely that Skoda Kodiaq SportLine incorporated similar details to the Grand saloon of the brand. In addition, it is also possible that the height of the body is less, so you would lose skills offroad but would enhance stability in asphalt by providing a center of gravity closer to the ground. Nor is possible know, of time, if the brand of the Czech Republic will introduce some new motorization specific and of greater power for the Kodiaq SportLine. Wait therefore to the Hall of Geneva, that is held in the month of March of the next year.

Source-Car Advice

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