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A “souped-up race” Subaru WRX STI makes an average of 204 km/h for the mythical Isle of Man

Two months ago I had that Subaru would try to improve its own record of turn on the legendary route of the Isle of Man, being back at the controls of the Subaru WRX STI famous British driver Mark Higgins.

For several days, the island has multiplied its population with the arrival of one of the most dangerous urban races of the world, not to say the most dangerous of all, The Tourist Trophy. A large number of pilots come together in the very fast and dangerous urban layout in search of glory but, unfortunately, it is easy that a minimum error, a fall, enter half a meter long, often means the difference between life and death.

The main show are motorcycles, but also no time for other events. One of them is the new attempt of Subaru to stop the clock before the 19 minutes and 15 seconds, which is the previous record achieved in 2014.

Higgins has already been at the controls of the vehicle and has been able to stop the Chrono much before its previous record. Specifically it has stopped the Chrono in 17 minutes, 49 seconds and 75 cents, so the 59.2 km speed was 204km/h of average. The previous record of 2014, the medium spin speed was 188 km/h, so the improvement is quite considerable.


Higgins has worked at an average speed of 204 km/h in the most dangerous of the world urban layout Obviously, the vehicle used at this time was not the same Subaru WRX STI from two years ago, going completely series except some older security measures. As I had two months ago, Higgins STI went through the hands of Prodrive to get one tune-up a lot sportier, practically a preparation to compete in high categories of motor racing.

Under its hood is a “doped” Engine 2 l and 600 horses stretching up to 8,500 revolutions per minute. This has been achieved thanks to a recalibration of the engine control unit and a new larger than the stock turbo. The body also has lightened to make less than 1,200 pounds on the scale.

Preparers have due work hard with the tuning of the suspension. Get a fit on a path so fast with constant slopes and changes in ground level is no easy task.

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