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According to SAIC, MG will return to the European market in the year 2019

MG E-motion Concept

A few days ago we brought you the first official images of the MG E-motion Concept tabled by the British firm in the Hall of the Shanghai automobile. This model is reborn in style of a firm that has long been playing in the shadows. Its sales in the United Kingdom have never been that SAIC (its parent) waited, anticipating his departure by the backdoor of the old continent.

However, it seems that the former English firm will try to rob the European market before the end of the Decade. According to they have declared some responsible for SAIC Motors, MG will return to major markets of Continental Europe to the year 2019. The first step for this offensive comes from the hand of the creation of a new base of operations in Luxembourg. From here is being designed the plan that serve to bring MG back into Europe through the front door.


That they have created this base of operations in Luxembourg does not imply that they will sever its ties with the United Kingdom. However, they want health cure is the Brexit complicates things and forces them to take economic and productive measures. Now MG managers have not disclosed what will be the models that send to the old continent, as they are in the process for updating the existing range and reposition your place in the market.

Obviously, surely will be the new ZS SUV´s and GS as most modern products are you currently have MG. In a second commercial assault could become a hatchback to replace the current MG3. The current model should be relieved for the year 2019 and therefore choice perfectly within SAIC plans to its subsidiary. As icing on the cake would be to the E-motion Concept, who received a warm welcome as well it could make the leap to the commercial world.

Another of the arguments with which MG wants to triumph in Europe is a new business model (or at least not seen in Europe so far). According to Pieter Gabriëls, Director General of SAIC Mobility Europe, MG will not market their products through traditional dealers, but they will bet by work in the virtual world.

There are still two years to get MG to Europe but we really wanted to see more data, offered models and dates accurate of arrivals.

Source – SAIC Motors

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