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According to Volkswagen, internal combustion engines will continue to be in the market at least 20 years

Volkswagen I.D. Concept

No doubt, the future of mobility through the alternative propellants. Manufacturers know this, and rush your time researching in electric motors, trying to get wing maximum autonomy, one of the sections that most still obliges us to continue relying on internal combustion engines. But although the development of the technology electrified evolves to steps fast, still remains much travel. The own Volkswagen has stated that they will continue to rely on the for at least 20 years internal combustion engines.

And we should like us, the majority customer demands this kind of mechanical. Already is diesel or gasoline, it most of them buyers that is come to a dealer, ask by them options diesel and gasoline, not paying too much interest by them options electric. This situation, of course, will change in a few years, but for the moment is forcing manufacturers to continue betting for traditional options, looking at them the best efficiency also.

Volkswagen TDI

Matthias Müller has been who has confirmed that the traditional engines will continue to occupy mechanical ranges for, at least, 20 years more. “He future is electric, however, them systems of propulsion Classic will continue to playing a role key for, at least, the next two decades”. “Despite the new opportunities and possibilities that the world of the mobility of the tomorrow opens for us, not must neglect our technologies existing and them skills basic”, said the own Müller.

Similarly, Matthias Müller continued saying that the dieselgate scandal has been a point of major change in the company, and in a few years they hope to significantly change its range with the arrival of about 30 electric models.


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