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Acrobatics: track skiing, winter tyres Dunlop and a skier

Dunlop vídeo acrobacia

Dunlop has carried out a striking campaign making a curious acrobatics never before seen. This has had the collaboration of a Macan Porsche Turbo, a professional skier, a track of snow and their winter SUV type vehicle tyres, Dunlop Winter Sport 5 SUV.

The objective of this test was to install a ramp at the front of the Macan Porsche Turbo to work such as trampoline and to the skier, Torge Nagel, to rise between 3.5 and 4 metres by performing a “FlatSpin 360 Japan Grab“. The hardest part was to adjust the speed of the skier and coach, since if you increased, the height that the experienced skier could catch would be very high.

The track has an 20-degree angle and a length of 300 meters. A skier with minimum experience can descend the slope without problems, but 20 degrees of tilt and a floor covered in snow is not the ground more favorable to a car if we bear in mind that the meaning of the Macan Porsche Turbo was ascending.

The Macan Porsche Turbo has a good distribution of the traction system, however, on an upslope of 20 degrees with a large layer of snow, the system of integral traction, it would not be able to climb uphill to the SUV from Porsche. This solo ascent can be performed with three methods: some effective winter tiresor chains on the wheels, wheels of nails.

In this spot, obviously, is they have opted for the third option; and the truth is that the result is amazing. The evolution of this type of tires in recent years has been very positive, and it is that five years ago it was hard to imagine that a car he won so much mobility in these terrible conditions of adhesion by the soil.

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