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Alcohol and drugs: the 43% of the drivers who died had consumed

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Occasionally appear us shocking figures and data. These things that we see in passing but that capture our attention and automatically make us return to turn the head to check if we have actually seen that or not. Something like this can happen to us with the percentage of drivers who died in 2015 than they had taken alcohol, drugs, or mixture of both.

It seemed that everything from drinking and driving (or take drugs and drive) were several years ago, decades even. But not. As they reflect data from 2015, remains very present in society; so present as worrying. A pity that today do not have given us account of what supposed to drive after consuming these substances.

According to data published last month by the Ministry of Justice of Spain, 900 toxicological analyses were performed by 2015 drivers who died on our roads. Of those 900 people that is left her life in 2015 while driving a vehicle, the 43% had taken alcohol (above the rate of breathalyzer maximum allowed), consumed drugs or psychotropic drugs, or it had combined.


The percentage of fatalities in these conditions is very high, but if you are still looking at us we can surprise even more. We take back the hands to the head even more because the 70% of these drivers, who unfortunately lost their lives, registered values higher than 1.2 g/l in blood.

The records of the Ministry also offer data that we can see that a good portion of the deceased drivers who had taken alcohol or drugs were males, with only 23 women died. On the other hand, a large part had a age understood between the 25 and 55 years.

Apart from some kind of vehicle drivers, not us forget pedestrians. Okay that we can be on the street and walk after having taken a drink with alcohol completely legally. However, I would like to highlight that of all the pedestrians dead and analyzed through studies toxicological the 46.3% had taken alcohol or drug. This mean? That 83 people that died by hit had drunk or be had been drugged.

Accidente saab

As some of these abuses not is had avoided although the pedestrian not had taken any substance that amended its State; But if think in that low the effects of these substances the perception of the danger not is the same, not have them same reflections, increases our State of euphoria, and a long etc; We may think that equal that pedestrians had not dared to cross the street with so much courage, or that you would have noticed that the traffic light was red.

Already we know that the single rate of alcohol really good is 0.0; but them data that just of describe us reflect that while the alcohol and the drugs kill to the steering wheel, continue without see it as dangerous as really is. Authorities carry out controls 6 million a year to drivers, and sanctions are not exactly small; but still we have a 43% of drivers killed under influence of alcohol or drugs.

Perhaps not all is in perform controls of breathalyzer and of drugs the end of week. Equal them of above should launch a “education road” for all that cover both this topic of driving drunk or drugged, as the driving reckless or the not use of the belt of security. To be effective, would not be practically necessary routine controls.

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