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Alfa Romeo could lead to the Geneva Motor Show a Giulia Coupe

Prueba Alfa Romeo Giulia

The birth and commercialization of the Alfa Romeo Giulia has meant a small revolution in the automotive industry worldwide. For years the Italian company did not have a rival to the height of the Audi A4, BMW 3 series and Mercedes-Benz C-class and with the Giulia has managed to give them where most hurts. Is true that could be polished somewhat more certain details but together it is a vehicle that enters through the eyes, with impeccable dynamic behavior and quality preparation and equipment that has little to envy to the models of the three “Maries”.

However, where it still suffers Alfa Romeo is in variety of bodywork available for the Giulia. The unique silhouette they have available is the sedan and if you really want to eat a good piece of the pie must offer the customer more choice. Now that sounds most like is the Station Wagon version or family, but could well become that rejoicing us sight and soul.

Alfa Romeo Giulia Coupé

As you can read by the gossip of the network of networks, Alfa Romeo would be preparing a version coupé from their Giulia. If they are right, could be unveiled formally at the next Geneva Auto Show (something that I personally see very precipitate) to start its marketing shortly thereafter. However, this coupé silhouette would not be the only novelty that would present the Giulia since it would have a nomenclature with a common part and other differential.

In this case, Giulia Coupe would be known as Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint. In this way the name Sprint would be a trade name be the name of the model law, as it did in the past. If this version was presented in Geneva would be more than likely to get along with the Ferrari V6 with 510 HP engine power that already gives life to the version Quadrifoglio Verde sedan.

If these rumours were certain Fiat Chrysler Automóbiles (FCA) is demonstrating its commitment to relaunch Alfa Romeo is strong and determined. I hope so and let’s have a Coupe from Alfa Romeo rear wheel on the market.

To pray said gentlemen lol

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