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Alfa Romeo launched in Mexico before the end of March the Giulia

Alfa Romeo Giulia Veloce

Alfa Romeo has a titanic work ahead in which to improve its image . The Italian firm carries out certain key markets long and if you want to retrieve time and work must put the batteries. United States and its area of influence (Mexico and Canada) are one of the more working in the firm. So trust, using good judgment in its new sedan segment D, the Giulia.

Mexico is one of the markets that will attack very quickly. As advance they already have in the Aztec country with the myth, Giulietta and 4 c but if you really want to achieve the volume in this country need as breathing to the Giulia. In this country, as in many in which it shows the influence of the United States are sold many saloons and if a firm does not have a competitive product in this segment little or nothing you have to do.

Alfa Romeo Giulia Veloce

The date that Alfa Romeo has marked on the calendar to get the Giulia to the Mexican market is March of this year. I.e., in a matter of one month should already be the first units of the model in the signature dealers to be sold by its commercial team. In addition, how spearhead they have decided to launch only to Giulia Quadrifoglio Verde.

With such potential, they want to draw the attention of drivers in the country, and surely will succeed it. As you will remember the QV is moved by motor gasoline in configuration V6 2.9 liter and 510 HP maximum. Similar beast Brown will arrive with the same equipment that has in them versions destined to Europe and United States not missing in she the Assistant of braking automatic of emergency, notice of collision front or a system of Infotainment with a screen touch of 6.5 inches.

The price that should have the Quadrifoglio Verde Alfa Romeo Giulia in the Mexican market It could be close to 2,000,000 million pesos, or what is the same about 98,000 dollars. It will have to wait for the official rates to know what they will have to disburse Mexican drivers to have one in their garages.

Source – Alfa Romeo

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