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Alibaba RX5 SUV that has gifted Ronaldo to win the Mundialito

Alibaba RX5

To which we like, as to which not them like the football, already know that the Real Madrid CF has won the Mundialito of clubs that organizes the FIFA. In the end Christian Ronaldo was one of them players more outstanding and in prize by the work carried out along the Championship has been distinguished as best player. As it is obvious in the world of football has no recognition that does not come from the hand of a considerable gift and what is the style in this environment is to give away a car.

As well, the crack of Real Madrid nor is going to be without your super car in this occasion. In this case Cristiano Ronaldo he received as a prize, by being named best player of the mundialito, one of the cars more intelligent of the world (or at least is considered as such). The RX5 Alibaba is a SUV sold in China which was born from the collaboration of firms SAIC, Alibaba E-Auto, and the technology company YunOs.

Alibaba RX5 interior

Alibaba E-Auto is the firm that since last year 2014 sponsors the Club World Cup and FIFA as a good sponsor does not want its name and money falling into the oblivion of the spectators. For this lends his image and the products that are necessary to them teams that participate. With this strategy of marketing looking for that his car Alibaba RX5 can reach to more countries of the world.

According to their technical specifications the RX5 is nothing more than the current RX5 Roewe , SAIC manufactured for the Chinese market. However provides some functions technological associated to Internet. Among them is pay the fuel when we refuel at the gas station or even to pay highway tolls without stopping the car. In addition, also is in phase of tests receive purchases made through Internet in our car through a system of transport by drones.

This model sold in China from less than 20,000 euros making it perhaps not all of the taste of the (for many) the world’s best player.

Congratulations Cristiano Ronaldo.


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