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Almost 2,000 positive alcohol or drug in just one week

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December is a month in which tend to be regular meetings for lunch or dinner with colleagues , classmates, friends or with the family. One thing can lead to another, and it is possible that we end up with a drink, or several. It is no problem and we are not doing anything wrong; in fact, these “meetings” help to clear and set aside for a time the routine. The problem comes if we then have to put behind the wheel.

The DGT has carried out a special campaign to avoid that drivers who take the luxury of consuming alcohol and/or drugs, if already done, punish them, retain them, and thus avoid a possible accident. Between 12 and 18 December, the General Directorate of traffic It has conducted 129.309 tests, having sentenced to no less than 1,912 drivers.

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Of all these tests, 1,417 drug test were performed to those drivers who seem to have symptoms of having taken any illegal substance and little friend driving; having been positive 518 of them. The most common drug, as usual, has been with positive 387 cannabis, followed by 187 cocaine and amphetamines with positive 46.

127.892 test were alcohol, carried out preventive controls or after having been detected any violation or accident. In total, there were nearly 1,400 drivers who exceeded the maximum rate permissible alcohol.

In general, and after seeing this data, we can say that more than 1% of undergoing any kind of test drivers have given positive in drugs or alcohol. Nobody is safe in an accident on the road, but if you alter our physical and mental capacities through alcohol or drugs the chance of having an accident or causing increases considerably.

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