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Already is here the sympathetic and Christmas “Snowkhana 5” of Ford

Forrest Gump Snowkhana

Is Christmas coming and already there are social networks the typical Christmas texts and videos that are usually also forwarded by applications. We could say that Ford already has made tradition the publication of the “Snowkhanas”. Ford us want some happy parties of a form little habitual, simulating a “Gymkhana” to the more pure style Ken Block, but of a form much more fun if fits.

This is the fifth year that Ford publishes a video like that we leave just below this paragraph. -Based ingenio, A Ford Fiesta in miniature and multiple objects and dolls toy which in this occasion include Scooby Doo, Forrest Gump, Marty McFly, Doc and back to the future DeLorean DMC-12 or Scrat, the squirrel from Ice Age) will be some of the main characters that appear in this “adventure”.

They aren’t the only ones, as there are also references to Star Wars, the first film of “A Todo Gas”, the footballer Harry Potter, Toy Story, Ghostbusters and a long etcetera, which obviously could not be missing Santa Claus. And is that, in these 3-minute and a half, the video of Ford will be able to get smiles and remind us of much of the characters that were part of our childhood, at least to those who belong to the decades of the 80 or 90. Also very fun the so-called tomas false that appear in the last part of the content.

Not are images made to computer, but crowd of photographs that are have taken a to a, moving slightly each part of this adventure in which the Ford party, “led” to the style Ken Block, us recalls all this saga of films. Therefore, work not have been anything simple and make it will have invested a large number of hours.

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