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Amazon wants to create a smart road for autonomous cars


Autonomous driving will change the world and the way we drive and move the world. In a matter of a very short time we will have the roads completely autonomous models, but its high level of technology will have to confront an antiquated roads. This will happen because the number of kilometers which have road networks can not be upgraded to pace updated cars.

In this race by driving automation all brands want to get (own and others) and on the way we meet surprises. Amazon is an of the companies of trade electronic more large of the world and in your desire by grow and put is in the sector of the automobile has decided sell cars of form online. However the signature American not is complies with this and is studying as create a road smart to help to them cars autonomous to circular of shape safe by them.

Amazon carretera inteligente

In the image that have in it part top can observe a design of How would be an ipotetica road intelligent for them cars autonomous can circular and navigate of form more safe and intuitive that in which have currently. This sketch has been presented in the United States Patent and Trademark Office to beginning of this week and although this not wants tell that have that arrive to build is shows very well them ideas that has the signature American.

This new road would run through a system of sensors located in the asphalt. Using them would be communicated with via cars and this warn them of the weather, accidents, retentions in the way or any event that could interfere with driving. With all this information vehicles can move safely adapting his speed and behavior to what really happens on the road without relying on complex camera vision or measuring systems.

We will watch to see what Amazon and If you decide to bet your smart road. It gives us that could benefit much more than it might seem at first sight lol

Source – United States Patent and Trademark Office

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