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American brands ask Trump that he relax emission standard


The eight years that has lasted the mandate of the former President of the United States, Barack Obama, have been characterized by search for a balance between the industrial activities of their economy and the environment. Its Executive before leaving power has approved the construction of charging stations for electric vehicles throughout the country and also lets manufacturers that operate there a law about the fuel efficiency and the cost of cars.

This law of efficiency in the use of those fuels to view of them main manufacturers of cars of them United States was draconian since them forced to their engines not consume or contaminate of more. However, now that the President will leave office in a matter of a couple of months, they have been hands to work so that the next President of the nation raise them with your hand and allows them to consume and pollute more to their engines.


To do so, by sending a letter to Donald Trump, leading brands of car are asked to not activate this law as a little until the next year 2025. This law has caused much controversy in the country of Uncle Sam as the industry (globally) has expressed its support to the overall efficiency and the environmental objectives of the programme. However, the car brands are more concerned about deadlines that have to meet and the costs involved at the level of investment in r & d, than by really taking care of the environment.

Obviously, it is very likely that the new President of the United States support them and paralyse the standard that Obama had created. The reason for this more than likely support is based on that “this man” does not believe in global warming or here cares if it hurts or complicated the financial situation of the national companies. Only is centered in obtain the greatest benefit possible in their business and not if hurts to an or thousands of million of people.

If really is gives this situation me seems very sad that them brands Act of this form and more take advantage of the change of power to give a hit in the table. What they should do is to ensure its future customers which are which will keep buying them cars when they have the right age and that alone is made with investment, investment and more. I hope you understand.

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