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And if Alfa Romeo sought a new style in the segment E?

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Last Friday we attended the national presentation of the new Alfa Romeo Giulia. The Giulia is the new commitment of the FCA group, specifically the Alfa Romeo brand to the segment D of the sedans of medium size, with a typically Alpha product. And typically we say alpha because it’s a passionate model, with lots of character and that is currently unused in the market.

That segment, the saloon, is which is taking more losses of customers by the rise of the SUV fashion, as oft mentioned in Highmotor. However, the concept of the Giulia is very different from the rest of options available, which practically only us can opt for the German trio composed by the Audi A4, Mercedes C-class and BMW 3 series or cars of generalist brands. The Italian brings a point of distinction with a design and a very passionate dynamic.

Not bad. Alpha said during the press conference of the aforementioned presentation than between 2017 and 2020 it intends to launch a series of new models, seven in particular. Among them, we think that it could be a new saloon car larger than the Giulia and in a similar spirit, though perhaps not as dynamic and (even more) looking for that point of distinction that we have found in the new Giulia.

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This new model could be focused on a type of clients with greater purchasing power that demands a vehicle almost of representation, in the style (and return to the German trio) of the Audi A6, Mercedes E-class and BMW 5 series but with a stronger identity.

A car of this type would have fit in the segment E?

On the one hand Yes. Not everyone wants their car to have that image of seriousness that transmit the three German proposals. In addition, when it comes to get behind the wheel they can be very fast cars but they aren’t fun driving unless we go to the RS, AMG and M each, versions since conventional variants are focused on a high level of comfort. Alpha proposal could differ significantly and open doors on the market.

On the other hand it would be complicated. We do not discover anything new when we say that the European market is on a pedestal to the three German Premium brands, and that mentality is very difficult to change. Further still by the bad reputation that still haunts the Italian firm in terms of reliability. Download donkey to much out of vehicles in the segment E would not be easy, but it is not impossible.

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If we ask ourselves what can depend on the strategy of Alfa Romeo to authorize a completely new vehicle in the style that I have described, the answer can be simple and only should look in the mirror. When Alfa Romeo Giulia get good reviews in the form of high numbers of sales and trade above expected objectives may have room, but develop a new model that you know that it is very difficult to amortize has its risks. But if the newly presented sedan curdles not enough we should forget about all of the above.

Much of the responsibility is in the hands of the Giulia.

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