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And if in alpha will dare with an Alfa Romeo 4 c Quadrifoglio?


Alfa Romeo was surprising to the world makes something more than three years when us had a Ferrari to scale. It was the Alfa Romeo 4 c, a sporty contained dimensions, low weight, rear propulsion and much carbon fiber and high-tech. Besides all this, he sought to be a pure vehicle, in which there is no site for the luxuries, simple and exclusively made for driving.

We had the pleasure to try it some time ago. Between others things, laid the absence of address assisted, it uncomfortable that was enter and exit of its cockpit, the hardness of the same, the sound that came to the inside that was completely useless to the radio. In definitive, uncomfortable is look by where is look, but a car that falls in love with and of which not us wanted to get by very large that outside it torture to our back or by many kilometers that take in it.

Prueba Alfa Romeo 4C

Several months after the launch of the Alfa Romeo 4 c, it marks Italian put to the sale a Variant convertible low the denomination Spider. This increased slightly the weight, although continued counting with the same propeller 1.7 turbo of 240 HP and 350 Nm of pair. Some rumors have spoken of a possible version more sport and that, sportsmanship, precisely not you lack to the Alfa Romeo 4 c. Equal not is the car more quickly in track, but not is can tell that is slow and it is one of which more sensations can transmit to its driver.

Autoevolution speaks in one of his articles about a possible Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio 4 c, on the basis that some preparers have been able to extract more than 300 HP from the heart of this mini Ferrari, as well as a performance from 0 to 100 in 3.9 seconds and 300 km/h maximum speed. Under our point of view, not would be strange that Alpha launched any edition special and more exclusive when is approached the end of the cycle commercial of his model, and perhaps with some that another horse more; but, by the type of car that is, is unlikely that is decide to launch a Quadrifoglio or a version that exceed the 300 CV.


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