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And the first electric car of Skoda will be… Yes, the Citigo!

Skoda Citigo

In the Living room of the Shanghai automobile have known Skoda Vision E. This model, according to the Czech firm of the Volkswagen Group, was called to be the first electric vehicle in house production. Its specifications are very good and the design, the best I think that he has made the House of Mlad√° Boleslav. However, there was something in this story that we finished not believe juntillas feet.

Our question was as follows. The Volkswagen Group is often not very generous with their signatures plebeian in terms of giving them technology brand new. Okay that Seat going to brand new modular platform MQB-A0, but hence to Skoda to a new electric vehicle in its range, there is a very big stretch. More rational and sensible, to continue its approach of group, was to carry out this first release on the basis of something known, and there the Volkswagen e-UP! and Seat electric Mii are the most recommendable.


As you can imagine the first electric model that will reach the market of Skoda is the Citigo. The e-Up! and Mii are already starting their business steps and surprisingly, the model of the Czech House will benefit from the same engine to make their first steps in the market. Its structural and mechanical (traditional) is the same, by which the development of this electric version costs will be much lower than if we talk about a completely new model.

This information has not been confirmed by Skoda but has not been denied. The reason for the ‘no’ denial is as follows. Following the submission of the E-Vision in Shanghai responsible for Czech firm claimed that the concept we saw there will not be the first electric model of production. However, if we do accounts now yes they seem to balance since the launch of a product is thus intended to Volkswagen (like mark) and Seat and Skoda have to wait for a second offense.

So yes have to count, and in months, with the launch of Skoda Superb hybrid. This model will be the spearhead of the Czech offensive in terms of sustainable mobility and hence to heaven. There will be time to know his plans, since the Volkswagen Group is often so twisted.

Source – Skoda

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