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Another Lamborghini Huracan joins the Italian police

Lamborghini Huracan para la Policía italiana

We are used to seeing certain Supercars models in the police of Dubai, but it is not something common in European countries. However, the Italian police got a Lamborghini hurricane two years ago, which now will be accompanied by another unit of the supercar of Sant’Agata Bolognese. Interior Minister Marco Minniti, received the keys to the new police car from the hands of the President of Lamborghini, the famous Stefano Domenicali.

While the first Lamborghini Huracan was assigned to patrol roads of Rome, this second unit comes to the same patrol but to operate in the area of Bologna. In addition, the important work of the courier from blood and organs, that can save lives in accidents, whether road, domestic or labour. Lamborghini Huracan have the assurance that they will too soon to reach the place.

Lamborghini Huracan uses an normally aspirated V10 Engine that delivered as 610 HP, power transmitted to the road by its four-wheel drive before passing through a sequential gearbox. We remind that this supercar of Sant’Agata Bolognese has a chassis that is mostly composed of aluminum and carbon fiber, which ensures high rigidity without therefore raise the weight of the whole.

In addition to all the cosmetic changes that we see on the outside by way of vinyl records and Rotary superiors of a car patrol, inside you receive radio, a portable fire extinguisher or a gun case. For the transport of organs, the trunk of the front houses a special cooling trunk for transport. Neither needed a defibrillator to restore heart rhythm.

In the event of keys of the new supercar for the police was also delivered a Lamborghini Gallardo police in 2009, which will be not around the streets and roads, but will be sent to a police Automobile Museum located in Rome.

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