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Another Tesla Model S suffers a serious traffic accident

Tesla Model S siniestro

Since Tesla Motors put on the market its first model, the Model S, bet by the driving autonomous. Makes little the signature of silicone Valley announced that all their cars, starting from now, would be autonomous and therefore their drivers will be them first in the world in have of a car with the technology enough as to them carry of a point to another without have that do nothing.

However, this situation is the same that if you give to a two-year-old boy a knife, will finally end by cutting and having a bad time. It is what can happen to them these drivers as that died at the controls of an S Model in the United States because he was watching a movie and forgot that his life was at stake in a car. Obviously if the driver does not know how to use technology and are not trained may threaten his life and that of its occupants in danger of death more than once.

Tesla Model S siniestro

As well, according to Club Tesla Spain, the driver of a Tesla Model S in Karkshune (South of Germany) has struck a high-tonnage truck at high speed. This truck, along with several operators, provided the service necessary to carry out the works in one of the lanes of the highway that was circulating. Such was the impact that the car was embedded under the chassis of this though to penalties suffered damage of importance despite it clumsy of them photos.

After the accident, the driver of 56 years he could out of the car by his own foot and could take refuge in a safe area of the track. When arrived the services of emergency was attended and according to the part of your attention the driver has suffered wounds serious but not deadly.

By now the causes of the accident not have been clarified but according to Club Tesla Spain could owe is to a distraction of the driver. Yet we must remember that this accident is very similar to the first that suffered this vehicle (mentioned above) and that the system failed to detect the truck by resemble the sky covering the road.

Is as is there are that have much city with this type of vehicles and driving until is improved and all know use it as Dios manda.

Source-Club Tesla Spain

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