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Arrested to the thief of a BMW series 5 leaving him trapped in his interior

BMW Serie 5 Smart Key

Although may sound to science fiction this is what took place the weekend last in Seattle (United States). A thief’s car is found a brand new BMW 550i parked in a garage with them safe unlocked and them keys put. He belonged to a user that he had married the day before and had left the vehicle to a friend. The cluelessness of this allowed that the thief will take the car with ease.

Realizing the robbery they decided to quickly call the police to report it and attempt to recover it. The BMW 550i had the ConnectedDrive system, making sure the drive is connected to the internet and allowing to carry out a series of actions (such as lights or open doors) remotely. Thanks to this know the location accurate of the vehicle was sewing and singing, but there was something more.

BMW Serie 5 2017

BMW got also block the doors of the saloon, leaving locked to the thief in its interior. Also broadcast a message on the system’s sound to inform you of that was trapped. Hours more afternoon the police was to the car in the location indicated with the thief asleep in the seat of the driver and with the motor on. The arrest took place without major problems.

With the advance of the technology us is the account of that the vehicle connected already is a reality. In this case the ConnectedDrive of BMW it has served as a great help to prevent the theft of one of its cars. Although this topic also casts doubt and makes many will question the safety (there have been cases of hackers unlocking vehicles distance) and Privacy (by the fact that the brand itself can control our cars).

Source – CNET

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