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As incredible as it may seem, McLaren has doubled its sales in 2016

McLaren 10.000 unidades

Throughout this week we have been reviewing many sales figures at the national level with the results of general marketing in 2016, the best-selling SUV, the B-segment models more enrolled and the most popular compact during the past 12 months. In the overall results of 2016 we saw that there were marks that had excelled in our country; and others to the contrary, although none had as big as the McLaren leap at a global level.

Woking firm, despite the fact that in recent years is not having all the prominence that we expected in Formula 1, has multiplied the number of units by 2 “from the street” sold in 2016. The previous year, by 2015 was not at all a bad year in the British firm, where he already began to take off his index of sales with 1,654 units sold. But the great leap has arrived in this completed 2016, with almost 3,300 vehicles sold.

McLaren 570S

It multiply sales of any company or automotive brand is not easy, although in firms so exclusive as this do not have much merit. Increase your marketing by some hundreds of units already varies greatly the percentages, although the same can occur in reverse showing a huge percentage drop to lose a hundred sales. The only question remaining is if from Woking are renouncing the exclusivity of your firm looking for a greater volume of sales, something that seems more than clear.

Good part of them 3.286 vehicles sold by McLaren belong to the range Sport Series, with 2031 units, with those models McLaren 570GT and 570S. From behind, the McLaren customers have sued the Super Series 675LT Coup√© and convertible version called Spider, 1255 registrations. Of the nearly 3,300 sales, 1,139 have been marketed in United States, arriving to the “old continent” 996 cars of the brand British.

Source – Motor1

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