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At the moment the special editions for the Bugatti Chiron dropped

Bugatti Chiron Goodwood

A couple of weeks ago I had that during an interview conducted by motor coach with the head of Bugatti, Wolfgang Dürheimer, the head of the mythical mark French did not you rule out entirely the possibility of launching any edition exclusive and introduction of the Bugatti Chiron, which could be introduced to some electric propulsion system to win power.

However, seems that was a small Lantern or that simply wanted to make illusions to the public, since now sources close to Bugatti have ruled out that possibility. The Bugatti Chiron is is selling to a rhythm spectacular, in fact, of them 500 units planned for its production already is have sold almost the half; and it is not just an economic vehicle or for purchase or for its maintenance.

Bugatti Veyron La Finale

Bugatti Veyron the Finale

The case of the Bugatti Veyron was very different. In that model, predecessor of the Chiron, the production is limited to 450 units, but is soon nothing more and nothing less that ten years to achieve sell you all. The French firm developed and marketed numerous special editions more exclusive, and in some cases greater potency, to facilitate the sale of the entire planned production. It was (and is) a spectacular hiperdeportivo, with every little detail and a propeller of 16 cylinders placed in the form of W and four turbos, whose power of 1,001 horsepower was distributed between the four wheels.

The indices of sales of the Bugatti Chiron little have that see with those of the Veyron. In few months already accumulates 200 sales of them 500 units planned, by what those operators that is responsible of the mounting of the different units have work accumulated. Why is that Bugatti does not need resort to special editions to sell in a short time all the expected Chiron.

He Chiron also has with a motor W16 of 8 liters and four turbos, although in this case develops 1,500 horses to full performance that you allow pass from 0 to 100 km / h in 2.5 seconds and circular to a speed tip that exceeds without problems them 420 km / h.

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