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Audi and NVIDIA join forces to create autonomous cars

We all know that the Volkswagen Group is changing the direction of its business strategy. If before all revolved around the diesels now they want to go towards electric vehicles and the self-employed. The Dieselgate has forced this change of rudder and as a sign of its effort to improve its image already are working to recover lost time. Its future range of electric vehicles is already taking shape and will soon be a reality, but its autonomous cars are one step behind in terms of development.

To solve this problem the German consortium has been working with one of the firms who wants to become a reference in terms of car driving is concerned. NVIDIA, Intel Inside natural competitor, wants to be a point of reference when designing the software and technologies required so that cars can be autonomous and it seems that the work they are doing now is giving their first fruits.

Audi Q7 NVIDIA CES Las Vegas

Both Audi and NVIDIA, they have been to CES in Las Vegas a functional prototype of the Audi Q7 in standalone version. This vehicle would be equipped with a computer with the latest NVIDIA technology and thanks to its system of learning could allow the driver have four levels of autonomy. Thus in the most basic (level 0) driver would be which would carry out all the procedures relating to driving and in the most advanced (level 4) vehicle that would take control of the controls.

The software created by NVIDIA to make autonomous cars called DriveWorks he (along with LIDAR systems and cameras of assistance) can read the road and make decisions about driving in real time based on what made other drivers, traffic lights, pedestrians, and other individuals who are close to the vehicle. All supported by the cartographic data base with all the road maps that exist in the cloud (Tom Tom, Baidu and Zenrin).

To present this prototype at the technology fair in las Vegas They have been tested in the United States the NVIDIA BB8test car. According to the director of NVIDIA, this vehicle is the more complex machine that never made the firm dedicated to the design of computer software.

Source – Audi

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