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Audi could be investigated again by the US EPA

Audi A6 2016

The other day we informed you that the Volkswagen Group was again in the point of view of the environmental of the United States authorities have used an unknown trap mechanism to manipulate the emissions of one of its engines. In this case, the brand of the Group Volkswagen, targeted directly by the Council of resources of the air of California was Audi and several of its models with mechanical diesel, gasoline and transmission automatic.

As a result of this accusation, the German daily Bild am Sonntag has reported that the Agency for environmental protection (EPA) of the United States would have begun to investigate Audi on using that could give to the device or software trap that has been found in the Audi cars sold in the United States. So already they would have warned the company that will start this new research.

Audi SQ7 TDI

Audi TDI SQ7

By it soon what we know is that to day of today in the United States there are two demand collective presented against Audi. In them would be collected them requests to investigate if Audi had installed of form intentionally a device to activate and disable to your cravings them systems anti pollution of their cars. In addition they also pursue brand resarza fairly to those consumers who have relied on their technology and promises and are now with a vehicle that if things don’t go well would have to stop using for violating environmental laws.

Of be this accusation some, the Group Volkswagen would have that do facing a new process by trick to them authorities environmental of the United States. In addition, we are not only talking to cope with a possible court case, but to see how the years who have struggled to improve its image in the demanding American market are going down the toilet.

Source-Bild am Sonntag

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