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Audi could surprise us with a rival for the Mercedes B-class

Audi A3 Vario

The Group Volkswagen, is in a revolution internal quite important. The Dieselgate has forced different brands of the German consortium to be updated and put the batteries in order to fight against its main rivals. This revolution will be based in great part in the future models that launched them different marks and above all which will be driven by electricity.

One of the brands that more changes will live is Audi. The signing of the four rings has always been rather slow reactions when played attacking rivals with new models or market segments. As test of this have the segment of them minivans and the absence of any model of the signature in it. BMW with its series 2 Active Tourer and Mercedes-Benz with its class B are sweeping but at Audi have just not been encouraging.

BMW Serie 2 Active Tourer

However, the rumor mill tells us that Audi would be working in a minivan from its A3 version and which could call it various. These rumors come from the year 2012, but now it seems that they would seriously, and would in addition, located the official presentation of the model for the year 2019. Obviously, for its conception the signing of Ingolstadt would use as a basis the update of the current MQB platform adapted for mounting different mechanical options (gasoline, diesel and hybrid).

Thanks to the great modularity of this platform the wheelbase of the various A3 will be greater than the normal A3 and will help you to incorporate inside up to seven seats distributed in three rows of seats. As a result the cockpit of this new minivan may be at the height of their rivals both in space and modularity.

In addition, the positioning that this model would have on the market would help the brand to place it between the SUV Q2 and Q3 and would serve so that more customers are interested in having a model of the firm. As climax to their skills, their range mechanical would be shared with the A3 and them systems of safety and assistance to the driving also will be shared with his brother small.

Be as is, if these rumors are true, not should of take much in know them first details of this new model.

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