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Audi has been denounced in Australia by their diesel emissions

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The Dieselgate of the Volkswagen Group looks set to take to be forgotten. United States is judging what the German giant has done with their cars in the country and it seems that the European Union might be inclined to do the same. However, from the other side of the world has come the news that Audi has been denounced by its consumers by falsifying their diesel engines emissions.

The country is neither more nor less than Australia. Consumers of the big island have been swindled by the signature and therefore the consumers of the country have decided to report to Audi Australia for the case of polluting emissions. There are that say that the number of vehicles affected in the country is not much less alarming, but as the law of the country clothes them (not as it is in Europe) because they have decided to take this measure.

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In total, employ a software trap have been 12,000 cases reported in Australia . If we compare this figure with whom there is in Europe and the United States, the brand does not nothing. The problem is that his image could be severely damaged as a result of this situation. But in addition to all the Australian consumer is just as punctilious than English or American, and when the opposite leads to them, brand just paying it sooner or later.

Besides all, the Australian Commission of competition and the consumer (ACCC) has also decided to sue the company. In this case, the body that watches over the rights of consumers has expressed that “Audi AG and Audi Australia incurred in misleading or deceptive conduct, false or misleading statements were made and were involved in behaviors that are misleading the public in connection with certain claims emissions of diesel vehicles, and that Volkswagen AG knew which was which were behaving in this way”.

All this Audi Australia and its parent company in Germany must be vigilant. Customers want to be recovered by having been deceived and by how PT panorama thing may be complicated him much to the brand in a market so hard and competitive as the Australian. Let’s see what happens and just how this soap opera on the other side of the world.

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