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Audi models will be different each other, their Chief Designer confirms it

Futuro diseño de Audi A8, A7 Sportback y A6

You needn’t have traveled much world to know that the Germans are very squared. If something works, does not change it. The fact is that many us have complained about certain German car brands offer a range of products that practically only differ in size and not by their designs. Mercedes, BMW and Audi in recent years we have become accustomed to this. It now appears that Seat is also going to add, having already seen the front of the new Ibiza, almost tracing of the lion.

According to the latest statements of the Chief Designer of Audi, Marc Lichte, the fronts of the Audi A8, A7 Sportback and A6 futures will be different from each other, although the brand image will be very present. With this, the signing of Ingolstadt aims to these three cars are still easily recognizable as Audi models, but also make it easier to distinguish one model of another without having a supernatural eye.

Marc Litche chatted with our French colleagues ‘ argus l. fr showing even a few sketches of future models Audi A8, A7 Sportback and A6 to appreciate more the differences found in the front of these three high-end cars. Well, as you said, they will not be completely different and there will be elements in common beyond the four rings emblem.

If you look at the main picture, grilles and headlights are different. The Audi A8 is which is located at the top left. Your Singleframe grille is the largest of the three and shows six horizontal slats. This model is the most elegant of all and has an approach to truck of representation. Is for this reason that its lines of the hood are also smoother and that your headlights are straight and serious forms.

On the right and half-height we have The Audi A7 Sportback. The philosophy of looking this car is a sedan Coupe with an air of sportiness. The Grill has a wider and with low-height design. Likewise, the nerves of the capo, which are also double, are more marked to offer a greater aesthetic sportsmanship. So do the headlightsmore torn shapes, with some distance to the grill and its daytime lighting. If you look at the lower part of the bumper also we find aerodynamic details.

Finally, in the area lower left is the Audi A6. The saloon half Ingolstadt also wants to convey elegance, but the undisputed leader in the mark for this aspect is the Audi A8. In this way, the Grill has a more square shape, as if it were an intermediate point between the previous two. The design of the bumper and bonnet not looking for emotions, just this detail tries to go more unnoticed. Headlights, as well as in the A7 Sportback, found something separate from the grill. Also the forms of lighting bring differences which, as we see, in this case seem to have a design invested to the of the A7.

These are only a few sketches. See if you really, when these three models displayed their new generations, easily distinguishable are together by the human eye or whether, on the contrary, they will be so similar as a Mercedes C-class and E-class. The Audi A8 is the first of the three to make appearance, debuting in September at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Source – ‘ argus l. fr

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