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Audi presents cars always connected thanks to the eSIM of factory

Audi A3

Market studies are telling us that one of the things that most new car buyers are looking for is the possibility of having a full connectivity. And for this same reason, the manufacturers are working to provide increasingly better service in this regard. So that not has missed one of the most important in the world has started a proposal so that each and every one of the cars that come out of factory has a SIM card installed from the beginning.

Audi will offer free three-year services and others pay special rates With this proposal, Audi seeks to offer to all its users the possibility of having a connectivity complete from the first moment. Models that can benefit from this advantage is, for the moment, those that used the second generation of modular infotainment platform with Audi connect eSIM. This system will offer the possibility of that Audi will become a center of mobile connectivity.

Free ‘roaming’ data

Mobile services are installed on a platform 4 G, offering a capacity of up to 100 Mbpsdownload. In principle, this connectivity will include Google Street View and Google Earth, which will lend the browser services. But it is not only this. It will also allow access to Twitter accounts and the agenda and timetable for the smartphone. These services will have an unlimited data access, so you do not have to be always aware of the amount of data that is used.
Audi A3 Sportback e-tron
To offer a service of point Wifi, Audi will enable various rates to be always connected and with different options to provide the service that looks for each of their clients. In addition, the Audi system eSIM connect allows you to connect to the provider concluded in each country, so that each European border crossing, connects to the supplier of that country, avoiding roamingcosts.

The models that will be by the time of this feature will be the new Audi A3, Audi A4, new Audi A5, the new Audi Q2, and the Audi Q7, but as you progress the implementation of this platform for connectivity, it will integrate in more models.

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