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Audi RS3 MR Racing, an eye-catching dress and a heart of 454 HP

Audi RS3 MR Racing

The maker has unveiled their new work. It is the Audi RS3 MR Racing, a preparation that get the Audi RS3 to pass the 450 horsepower. In addition, compact sports car the German House receives modifications in its aesthetics that make it more eye-catching. Vinyl, paint, tires,… MR Racing has left nothing to chance in this RS3. And it is that with the lines of Martini and a combination of colors chosen with taste, any body is good cheer.

Yes, it is true, we are not looking at the Audi modified radical RS3, we have seen, but if we find one of the most interesting preparations. Taking as a basis the body of the RS3, that already of series comes well dressed, have combined with master the white, blue and Red. Thus we see the mirrors in that color, tires and parts of the front bumper. Martini band runs across the body longitudinally, and can see it also in the profile of the car.

Audi RS3 MR Racing

Audi RS3 series mounts known five-cylinder engine 2.5 liters which is able to offer 367 horsepower and 465 Nm of torque. After passing through the hands of MR Racing, who have modified the control unit, have set up a control gauge exhaust and have tweaked the air filter, the compact House of hoops has 454 horsepower. In addition, the dynamic capabilities of the model to improve even more, they have worried to install an adjustable suspension KW Clubsport.

Do not have available all data, so we can’t tell you what the price or the capabilities of this preparation. Although if the Audi RS3 breaks the crono test from 0 – 100 km/h in 4.3 seconds, assume that this MR Racing RS3 will improve this time. The preparer already discovered a similar preparation with several phases, being the first of 448 HP that have now evolved.

Source. MR Racing

Audi RS3 MR Racing
Audi RS3 MR Racing
Audi RS3 MR Racing
Audi RS3 MR Racing

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