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Audi RS5 2017, plundered the coupé in its version more sports

Audi RS5 2017 foto espía

After the launch of the new Audi A5 and S5, many amateur is asked by the bumper of range. The case is that the Audi RS5 2017 is currently undergoing tests and has already been seen in open-road. The vehicle you see in the pictures has been hunted in the North of Spain without any camouflage. We can see it thanks to our colleagues from and I must say that hides much more than it seems.

To tell truth this Mule of evidence could pass unnoticed for someone that does not is to the day in the world of the motor. It is not too striking and is easily confused with an Audi S5. But in his behind, there will be an element that delate it: the dual exhaust outlet of generous dimensions. This will be the track main that we indicate that we are before the next RS5. This model will also come with a more aggressive bodywork from what we see in the pictures.

Audi RS5 2017 recreación

Recreation of the Audi RS5 2017 of

Thanks to this recreation can make us to the idea of as would be the back of the Audi RS5 2017. In the front also is expect modifications as a Grill of nest of bee or tomas of air over large to the style of them of the new Audi TT RS. Another advantage we have to comment on is that it will use a new platform as their brothers A5 and S5. This allows that is up to 60 kg more light, improving their consumption and performance.

Move on to speak of the motor that will take the new Audi RS5. Remember that the marks of them four rings is leaving to a side the old V8 atmospheric, replacing them by ones new V6 turbocharged. Therefore it is expected to adopt the same 3.0 V6 TFSI litres with which was presented the Audi S5. Although the 354 CV of this will be very behind, since is expected that this radical coupé develop between 450 and 500 CV of power.

Audi RS5 2017 foto espía

Therefore will have to one of them models more rapid of its segment, and can plant face to vehicles as the BMW M4. We will have to wait for the official information, but the new RS5 could accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 4 seconds. For reference, it must be said that the Audi S5 does in 4.7 seconds. In short, there is desire to know all the details of the Audi RS5 2017. You will have to wait, since the sports coupé not come to the market until well into 2017.

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