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Audi Sport, the sub-brand of competition responsible also for the RS and R8, already thinks of electrification

Audi TT clubsport turbo

Audi Sport is the new Audi high-performance sub-brand. This is responsible for directing and managing all projects of the brand of the four rings in terms of competition is concerned, but will also take the controls of the new projects of the models with the initials RS and R8 supercar. During the Paris Motor Show, Audi Sport director, Stephan Reil TopGear declared that “there is not a project today, but why not“, after being asked by electrification for its Street models.

In this era of downsizing and electric and hybrid vehicles, all we have ever asked what will happen with high-performance cars for the street. The very same Formula 1 already used cars with hybrid propulsion, we have the Formula E, and among the sports cars for the street we also have hybrid options such as, for example, the BMW i8 or the new Honda NSX. How long will take to get to Ingolstadt brand?

TopGear partners insisted the head of the division Audi Sport on this subject. It is possible that the model which appears in our image of header, the Audi TT Cubsport, was the first to adopt this technology. In addition, and seeing the strong commitment of the Volkswagen Group at the Paris Salon with electric vehicles, it is possible that the RS models, within no time, use electricity as propulsion power.

Audi RS3 Sportback 2015

Stephan Reil stated that “the question is not if we are going to do, but when”. “Currently does not fit with the RS models, but the world keeps turning and technology development continues and continues. Will come the moment in that a car electric of high performance has sense, but today not is that time“.”

Many media suggest that the next generation of the Audi R8 could use a hybrid propulsion technology. It is likely, but bearing in mind that the German supercar has recently launched its second generation, and that even the convertible variant has yet reached the streets, you have much time for this. With the TT RS occurs something similar, although not we can discard the Variant Clubsport to which did reference to the beginning of this article.

Of this mode, not would be very Loopy that, for the next generation of the Audi A3, that not is is very far from its end of cycle, see an Audi RS3 with motor thermal and some exercise of design, or even a version of production, that is support on a system electric to get a greater performance keeping ones low levels of consumption and emissions. The time and the evolution of technology will tell us.

Source – TopGear

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