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Audi SQ2? When the sports variant of the new crossover?

Audi Q2 Edition #1

Audi Q2 started its marketing in Europe with one goal: becoming a best-seller of the brand and be one of the references in the segment of the crossover of contained dimensions. Produced in Ingolstadt, it measures 4.2 meters and is offered with TFSI and TDI engines with power outputs of between 116 and 190 HP. However, it seems that there will be at least one sports Variant that will respond to the name Audi SQ2.

Practically whenever a manufacturer announces a new model in its range rumors on that new vehicle sporting versions rise like foam, and are not always very reliable. According to our British colleagues from Auto Express, the company of the four rings it has registered “SQ2” in a patent office. On the other hand, have released images of an Audi Q2 sports rolling by Nürburgring details, indicating that the model is in its final stages of development.

Audi Q2 Edition #1

The truth is that, although crossover and sportsmanship are not terms that marry much to perfection, today makes more sense than ever variants of high performance of this type of urban elevated cars. More even when the manufacturer is a Premium brand, since it is most striking and, in theory, the client of this type of marks has a purchasing power above the average, so it could invest more money to buy the sporty Audi SQ2.

This source States have talked with senior members of the brand on the Audi SQ2. “It’s something that we’re seeing. It would be relatively easy to do with MQB. The Q2 shares much with the A3, but we have to see what appetite there is for Q2 more expensive models in the first place”; stated Stephan Knirsch.

If Audi finally carried out the project of Audi SQ2, it would be quite possible to use the engine of four cylinders and 2-litre TFSI mounted vehicles as the Audi S3. In this way, its power would probably be 300 HP; not bad for a little more than 4 meters crossover.

Source – Auto Express

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