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Autonomous driving joins BMW, Intel, and Mobileye to make it possible


Autonomous driving is full today. We know that it has been an unfortunate accident which has caused the death of the driver of a Tesla Model S while I was using the electric car driving assistance systems and this has put in doubt the efficiency of the current modes of grip that is equipped with cars. But this does not mean that research is interrupted and brands seek to improve them and make them completely safe. BMW is one of the companies which continues for this reason and for this reason has established a partnership with Intel and Mobileye to develop new systems.

The three companies have established several milestones to continue improving the ability of the car to move on their own. The arrival soon of the BMW iNext will represent the beginning of autonomous of the Bavarian company driving policy and will be the first that will feature that will make it autonomous driving support systems. But before, been established three levels of autonomous driving, which the three companies get better little by little.

Three levels of driving autonomous

The first one is level 3, which is called eyes out, which will allow the driver can remove their eyes off the road and not be aware at all times of what happens in it. He level 4 is called mind outside, in which the driver not will have that do nothing to get to the destination and the car is take care of all.


Finally, the fifth level will be called driver out, you don’t need to a driver on board and which will allow car to go from the point of origin to the destination without having anyone on board. This level will even open new business channels, since you can set up a system of transport without human presence that controls the route. Obviously, this last level soon enough get and is not the priority of the manufacturers at this time.

To get to these levels, that although there are at present have to improve still, very powerful processors to help manage the Terabytes of data that occur and that allow to manage what the sensors and the actions that should be driving elements perceiveare needed. Xeon and Intel Atom processors will be used for this. So soon will have results interesting that us will make return to be very positive with them advances that is will get so the cars can perform by itself same them travels without need of intervention human.

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