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Avoid car accidents by the abandonment of pets!

Accidentes animales victimas

To close the week, those who follow me, I like to leave a post with something more than a story; I want to think a bit and try to change the consciousness of the society even if this change is minimal. In this occasion I am going to talk of them accidents that is can produce in our roads by the abandonment of animals domestic and of company.

Was this last Wednesday to the 20 hours of the afternoon of the work towards my house after a long day of work. I have between one point and another fifty kilometers and the road passes near several villages. As will understand is a national of the many that inhabit our country. Not is especially dangerous but has a couple of points black according to the DGT.

Volvo Animal Detection

Some security systems can prevent hunting accidents

When he had traveled about twenty kilometers I situ√© after a truck and a car. Of soon see as both reduced their speed dramatically to what I also had to react. However what you didn’t see is as the truck atropellaba without mercy to a Mastiff of Jet Black color that was wandering the road. The animal fell badly wounded on the road, but after the truck, car going after he and I above (and all who come after us) died without remedy.

This situation caused a strong impact since he did not expect that this animal was loose on the road. In addition, we have suffered an accident for his sake. In my case the accident ended with several broken plastic on the underside of my car and a tremendous scare. However, whenever this situation occurs is I stirred them guts and the bad milk (forgiveness by the expression) I flooded.

We do not know if this animal was abandoned or had escaped from their usual place of residence, and this makes the situation harder. If its owner had abandoned it, from my point of view (and care that every one can think as you like) should go straight to jail. The reason is basic and is responds with several questions as why that animal has had that losing your life by that its owner not has state pending or is has forgotten of it? why that owner has put in danger our life by not take care of your dog?

If the animal is has escaped and the owner not is aware of the situation the thing changes, but the owner not leaves of be responsible subsidiary of them acts that may cause their animals. However, the area that daily transit is very given to abandon their pets. This makes that the animals in the majority of cases are undocumented and if they cause an accident, you may not know who is the owner and therefore responsible for the problems that may cause.

We will never know if this poor Mastiff was abandoned or if he escaped. Nor do we know if its owner has not had nothing to do in the accident in which your pet was killed and you are looking for it thinking that you can find it with life. What is that If it was abandoned, it should be a crime , not a lack, because aside from putting the life of the animal in danger is the drivers.

In addition there is a problem. If the animal is correctly identified and its because you have an accident you will be able to report them and that run with the expenses of this bad action. But and if as it is the case in the majority of cases don’t have chip or is so ajado nor is it? who is with costs? By that for now the arrangement of plastics from the underside of my car have run by myself and the owner of that poor animal probably will be taking a beer in the Sun of this wonderful weekend.

Assumes that new technologies, such as autonomous braking systems which recognize animals will help to prevent these accidents, but meanwhile I call consciousness and seriousness. An animal is more than a toy or something with that entertain us and spend time. A dog, a cat or a dog is a big responsibility and I’m sure that if they could they would die for us more than once, so I believe that it should protect them and care for them as what they are, people who want us and respect.

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