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Bad news: Mazda ruled out the return of the motor Rotary, of time

Mazda RX-Vision

Much is comes speaking in them last years of the possible return of Mazda to them engines Rotary Wankel that so much fame and so many hearts conquered with them mythical Mazda RX-7 and, later, with the Mazda RX-8, although not were them unique models of the brand in equip it. The presentation of the concept Mazda RX-Vision, that debuted in the Hall of Tokyo of 2015, us made salivate and think that soon would have to the successor of the Mazda RX-8 between us.

However, Mazda has just give us a tremendous disappointment and steal the illusion that had been generated in recent times. According to declares the middle Automotive News, Masamichi Kogai, CEO of Mazda, said that a sports of dimensions and performance superior to the Mazda MX-5 not is was within them plans future of your company. Some statements that will be an authentic chasco for who hoped the return of the motor rotating.

Mazda RX-Vision

Mamichi Kogai, declared in that same interview that, of return to relive the famous motor Rotary, must ensure is of that not will be a return to the market of short duration. I.e., if finally some day return to produce engines Wankel, must have secured almost to the 100% that it investment is goes to pay off and that will be in marketing during a long period of time. Something that today seems rather complicated for the moment. Mazda prefers to invest their technologies more logical possibilities for the future.

Already know that the main project current of Mazda for the future of their vehicles is the electrification of their models. For this, makes several weeks knew that is allied with Toyota to give is information each other and develop new technologies. Toyota mainly would contribute to the exploitation of them batteries, while Mazda would show their methods to achieve them efficient motors Skyactiv, especially in gasoline, without recourse to the so of fashion in them last years downsizing.

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