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Baojun 510 new SUVS from General Motors and SAIC for china

General Motors SAIC Baojun 510

It seems that the global General Motors plans are for attacking China. The largest cars in the world market is very attractive for the Group and since sales are accompanying him they do not want to do with models of questionable reputation. SAIC, local partner, is very well positioned and taking advantage of this situation they want to improve their image in the market. To do so they launched their signature Baojun and star of this new signature models include SUV compact 510.

This compact SUV features a design that has nothing to do with what was the Chinese vehicles from five years ago. According to General Motors the Baojun 510 has a youthful and dynamic picture, supported above all in the led daytime running lights and the chromed surfaces and glossy black. Obviously this model comes to support dramatic growth in sales that brand has suffered in the last year 2016.

General Motors SAIC Baojun 510

Recalls his backside (and long) to the of the new Kia Sportage. This is why be bad since it is not a crude copy (that has happened with other models). In this case the Baojun 510 adapts very tastefully the best South Korean SUV and adds details that give it a character of its own. The main difference between the front and the rear is that the greater simplicity of the back makes the lead to Sin a little overdone, but surely is a design that will like to many buyers.

General Motors SAIC Baojun 510

The interior reminds a bit which has the new type Fiat. The central touch screen (floating) and aeration vents just below give that familiar air. The photo accompanying the story does not have very good resolution, but it seems that the materials used are of reasonable quality. You have to see if the quality of the plastics of the less visible areas holds the type (although many European cars racanean quality in these areas).

The most noteworthy equipment of the model focuses on elements of comfort and connectivity. Some of them are sunroof electric opening, access and hands-free start, cruise control, parking camera. In the part of Infotainment 8-inch central screen allows full connectivity with smartphones with Android and IOs systems.

Its price is located between 10 and 15 thousand euros by which their success is more than insured. In addition, the Baojun 510 will spearhead for the entry of General Motors and SAIC in the competitive Indian market.

Source – General Motors – SAIC

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