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Becomes the first render of the Ford Mustang Convertible 2018

Ford Mustang Convertible 2018 render

Yesterday I had the Ford Mustang 2018 was revealed officially, and is that just a few hours had taken place a leak of a video showing already this muscle car. The facelift of the Mustang introduced some aesthetic modifications visible in the optics of lights, front bonnet, bumper and one new rear spoiler, among others. Inside also new technologies and equipment complete with more aid to driving.

Ford has ceased to see the redesign of its closed bodywork, but still has not shown images or you have a single word about the Ford Mustang Convertible and its updating. We can expect that the lower part of the body to the waist line is exactly the same in the Fastback version. Inside is probably exactly equal in models of roof closed, with the exception of the own roof and the boutonniere for folding and unfolding the canopy.

X-Tomi Design, once again, attempted to solve us questions that we have about the possible design of the outside with a recreation of the Ford Mustang Convertible 2018. As we see, has basically a little more slanted windshield, it has rolled back the roof and rear spoiler. On this occasion the designer has not had to break too head, but is always good to see these images to get a real idea of how will be the future model.

Mechanically the mechanics will remain 2.3 EcoBoost four-cylinder and the powerful 5 litre V8 without overfeeding, more interesting but also more expensive for this muscle carengine. The blue oval brand has commented that there will be performance enhancements in both versions, but have not specified anything. On the other hand, is completely eliminates the atmospheric V6 3.7 liter not sold in Spain but that was commercialized in other markets. Another novelty to take into account it will be the introduction of the shift 10-speed automatic as optional.

Source – Design X-Tomi

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