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Becoming a Citroen Jumper a Citroën Type H with a simple “bodykit”

Bodykit Citroën Type H

The Citroën Type H was presented by mark in 1947 as a model of transport, ideal for traders of the era. Its production lasted for several decades and is easy to remember it because, besides that there were many units of different styles all over Europe, he has appeared in a number of films. This model turns 70 and the homage that we knew could not have been more successful.

Who retain an original Citroën Type H in good condition can enjoy a classic vehicle, very different to what we are accustomed; but for those who don’t have it, we can “create” one through a Citroen Jumper. Fabrizio Caselani and David Obedorfer have brought a Type H into the 21st century by installing a bodykit on the Citroën Jumper. You will notice that it is not an original Type H, but at least the result one can describe as curious.

Aesthetically, as we said, it is easy to appreciate that it is not an original model by the shapes and dimensions of the bodywork; but made in fiberglass exterior kit gets it resembles quite bring details characteristic very similar as the large logo old front, rounded headlamps of great relief or the countless horizontal lines found by all the sheet exposed from the famous Citroën Type H.

In this way we have a model with all the features of the Citroën Jumper today as regards safety and, of course, current propellers on par performance achieved a very romantic aesthetic. Although we don’t know its price, we do know that be undertaken solely and exclusively 70 transformations to commemorate the 70th anniversary of this legendary French van. A very retro aesthetic for a fully current model. We’d love to see it on our streets and that transport us to the past.

Bodykit Citroën Type H

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