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Before fining, the General Directorate of traffic will leave you in evidence

Dirección General de Tráfico control de velocidad

The direction General of traffic (DGT) takes many years trying to finish with the lacra that pose them accidents of traffic. After years of declines , the trend has reversed, as this year are showing a greater number of mortal victims that which had by this time last year. This situation may be due to depletion of policies that has established the Ministry of the Interiorbody.

We first started with the carnet by points. Then, the proliferation of radar (both fixed and mobile) like mushrooms on our roads. As them radar fixed and mobile not worth, is took of the ghastly them radars of section, in order check that our speed in a space of road is stable, by that of the halt before the radar. And finally, all this must be added to Pegasus, the most modern and best toy that has the General direction of traffic to enforce the rules.

Dirección General de Tráfico panel informativo

The latest proposal, to avoid accidents by speeding, the General direction of traffic is as follows: inform drivers who exceed the speed limit of the road in real time. This action seeks to deter drivers so that they do not exceed the speed limit on the road. To do this, the radar will read license plates of cars and it will show in the upper panels the offending vehicle license, warning drivers who have to reduce its speed for your safety and that of all.

This measure is is testing on Seville, specifically in the to-49. The exact section which is being applied is between 4,200 and 2,700 of the A-49 kilometre markers. The General Directorate of traffic has announced that this measure is still in pilot phase, but even so, it seems that it will be extended for the rest of the Spanish territory, affecting both large towns as high-density routes.

Hope that with this new measure, the direction General of traffic improve the claims in our roads and is centre in what of truth matter, save lives.

Source – General Directorate of traffic

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