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Bentley Bentayga by Mansory. Do you modificarías it as well if it were yours?

Bentley Bentayga por Mansory

Rare is the day that in current engine not you show any preparation external on some model that already of by itself of series is fast. Today is not going to be less. Here’s the last exercise of the preparer Mansory which, in this case, has taken the first Bentley SUV to its relevant amendments, the new Bentley Bentayga.

Not all preparers dare with modifications of luxurious SUV, and much less to give a touch as “tuning”, to put it in some way. They are changes itself what more has struck us, that too, but the change carried out in a vehicle in which luxury, elegance and comfort is everything.

Bentley Bentayga is a car of Lord, as they say many, that looks good in a coastal port of a luxurious city, on a golf course for wealthy people and a hotel of high standing. However, after pass by the hands of Mansory, not would be in very bad place if appears in a concentration of cars modified held in any polygon industrial of the outskirts of any city.

Bentley Bentayga por Mansory

The goal seems to be that it was to draw attention, and this Bentayga of Mansory Bentley has achieved it. It has a body kit which completely changes its aesthetics and its aerodynamics. We find multitude of air pipes in via various grills new bumper type honeycomb bee and an aerodynamic lip, new hood, talorenas, bulky wheels, and a very own vitamin with a top wing rear steps and a bumper where again several pipes of air as well as a marked diffuser appear and four exhaust outlets. Your tires, which we see in the pictures, have a size of 22 inch.

Insideto outside, he tried an image away from the comfort and luxury of the model of series, receiving a multitude of elements that increase the sportiness of the first SUV of Bentley. New upholstery, sports steering wheel and a Crankset in aluminium are some of the changes that can be found in the cockpit.

As usual in these preparations, not all is in the visuals. Bentley Bentayga with its engine biturbo W12 6-litre series brings a negligible power of 608 HP, allowing it to roll to a maximum speed of 301 km/h. After some adjustments in the management electronic of the engine, the power got has been nothing less that 700 HP.

Mansory will present this Bentley Bentayga prepared in the SEMA of the Vegas, that were held during the next month. We now only a question… would you do something like this in a Bentley so focused to the luxury and comfort? Would you do something similar in any model of this luxury brand?

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