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Bentley studies to launch a SUV under the Bentayga which will only be electric

Bentley Bentayga Diesel

At the time everyone thought it would be true, but when Bentley confirmed that it would get filled in the large luxury SUV segment , we were to pictures. The Bentayga is one of the best cars (forgetting the segment to which it belongs) that there is on the face of the Earth and as the public demand it has become a real success for the British firm.

So important has become (for their sales and profitability), to the managers of the firm would be thinking about launching a small of Bentayga brother. With this movement in its catalog would be looking to attract new customers and because the public is delighted with this type of car, will surely achieve them. However, the younger brother of Bentayga does not come to the market with the same commercial weapons (with the exception of the extreme luxury) has used his older brother.

Bentley Bentayga Diesel

As rumored by the gossip of the network, Wolfgang Dürheimer, CEO of Bentley, said that firm does not they will stay with one SUV model. In addition, confirmed that they have evidence of a mini Bentayga having a great acceptance in the market. Until then everything would be correct, however the change could come from the hand of a battery-driven model.

If you stick to the information that we already know of the firm, first-round trade Bentley will offer different versions of hybrid plug-ins. The total electrification of its range would go through a second stage. However, not us surprise nothing that both are solaparan or even is both flanker center forward since the Group Volkswagen need as the water change their image and for this his bet by them vehicles electric.

With the calendar in hand we would have several possibilities to see the mini Bentayga Street. The first would be the end of this decade, coinciding with the launch of more electric SUV models of the Volkswagen Group. The second would be located for the first years of the second, since by the exclusivity of Bentley would have to take your time to find your platform and set the standards of quality.

Either way this model still does not have the ok from the dome of the Volkswagen Group. However, if the numbers add up les (now more than ever) could have news of this model sooner rather that later.

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